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Makers of Engineering History

Makers of Engineering History was a series of one-page articles which appeared throughout Wonders of World Engineering. Here is a complete list of the articles, with links to the relevant issues.

Makers of Engineering History

  1. Sir Henry Bessemer
  2. Thomas Telford
  3. John Smeaton
  4. James Nasmyth
  5. Richard Trevithick
  6. William Murdock
  7. Isambard Kingdom Brunel
  8. James Brindley
  9. Sir Joseph Whitworth
  10. Herbert Akroyd Stuart
  11. Lord Armstrong
  12. George Stephenson
  13. John Rennie
  14. James Watt, 1736-1819
  15. Guglielmo Marconi
  16. Robert Stephenson
  17. Sir Charles Parsons, 1854-1931
Sir Henry Bessemer