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Linking the World’s Highways

Linking the World's Highways was a series of articles which appeared throughout Wonders of World Engineering. Here is a complete list, with links to the relevant articles.

  1. San Francisco’s Great Bridges
  2. Spanning the Firth of Forth
  3. New York’s Giant Bridges
  4. The Victoria Falls Bridge
  5. Great Danish Bridges
  6. Across the Mississippi
  7. Building the Tower Bridge
  8. Bridges in the Highlands
  9. The Birchenough Bridge
  10. The Kincardine Swing Bridge
  11. Bridges Across the Tyne
  12. The George Washington Bridge
  13. Story of the Tay Bridges
  14. The Bridges of Stockholm
  15. Bridging the St Lawrence
  16. Spanning Sydney Harbour