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Part 10

Part 10 of Wonders of World Engineering was published on Tuesday 4th May 1937, price 7d.

It included a colour plate showing A Streamlined Giant of the Canadian National Railways illustrating the article on Canada’s Streamlined Engines.

The Cover

This week’s cover shows the unique Barton Aqueduct, which carries the Bridgewater Canal across the Manchester Ship Canal on a swing bridge. How this remarkable arrangement works is described in the chapter on the Manchester Ship Canal beginning this week, on page 314.

The Manchester Ship Canal is also described in part 26 of Shipping Wonders of the World.

Contents of Part 10

Conquest of the Desert (Part 2)

James Nasmyth

Romance of the Safe Deposit

Canada’s Streamlined Engines

A Streamlined Giant

(colour plate)

No. 6401 of the Canadian National Railways

A STREAMLINED GIANT. No. 6401, of the Canadian National Railways, is one of a new class of single-expansion passenger express locomotives which appeared in 1936. The engine has eight coupled wheels and leading and trailing bogies, giving her the 4-8-4 wheel arrangement. The two cylinders have a diameter of 24-in and a stroke of 30-in. The driving wheels are of 6 ft 5-in diameter. The diameter of the boiler barrel tapers from 7 ft 2-in to 6 ft 6-in. The working pressure is 275 lb per square inch. Tractive effort at 85 per cent boiler pressure is 52,450 lb. The grate area is 74 square feet; mechanical firing is provided. The tender is carried on twelve wheels: its capacity is 11,700 gallons of water and 20 tons of coal. The total weight of engine and tender, in working order, is 296 tons.

Handling 2,000,000 Tons of Coal

Britain’s Biggest Ship Canal (Part 1)

The unique Barton Aqueduct