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Part 16

Part 16 of Wonders of World Engineering was published on Tuesday 15th June 1937, price 7d.

It included a colour plate showing the Little Belt Bridge. It formed part of the article on Great Danish Bridges.

The Cover

The cover of this week’s Part shows a graving dock being filled with water through sluices in the caisson which forms the gate. The dock is situated at the western end of King George V Dock, in the Port of London, and the graving dock is 750 long. The Port of London Authority supplied the photograph from which the cover was made.

Contents of Part 16

The Trans-Siberian Route (Part 2)

Manufacture of a Rotor Shaft

Coral Island Engineering

Machinery of the Cotton Mill

The Little Belt Bridge (colour plate)

Great Danish Bridges (Part 1)

The Little Belt Bridge

FROM THE MASONRY PIERS of the Little Belt Bridge the spans were cantilevered out, each section being built out until it met its neighbour. The Little Belt Bridge spans a sound known as the Little Belt, between the island of Fünen and the peninsula of Jutland, Denmark. The main piers of the bridge are 47 ft 1 in wide and are built on specially designed caissons. The bridge contains about 50,000 tons of steel and 3,955,258 cubic feet of concrete.

The King George V graving dock being filled with water through sluices in the caissonThe Little Belt Bridge, Denmark