Wonders of World Engineering

Part 20

Part 20 of Wonders of World Engineering was published on Tuesday 13th July 1937, price 7d.

It included a colour plate showing Tower Bridge under Construction. It formed part of the article on Building the Tower Bridge. The colour plate was also used as the cover design for this part.

The Cover

The cover this week shows the Tower Bridge in course of construction.

The cover design was also used for the colour plate in this issue.

Contents of Part 20

Moscow’s Great Canal (Part 2)

Building the Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge (colour plate)

THE TOWER BRIDGE across the River Thames, in the heart of London, is one of the most famous examples of the bascule type of bridge. The bridge is built of steel, a fact disguised by the facing of masonry over the completed structure. Work was started in 1886 and the bridge was opened in 1894, having cost about £1,000,000. At high water the footways at the top of the bridge are 140 feet above the river. The central opening span is 200 feet long and each of the fixed suspension spans at the landward ends is 270 feet long.


Sending Pictures by Wire

Origin of the Steam Engine

Hong Kong’s Water Supply

Emergency Generating Set

Conquest of the Severn (Part 1)

The Tower Bridge in course of construction