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Part 29

Part 29 of Wonders of World Engineering was published on Tuesday 14th September 1937, price 7d.

Part 29 included a colour plate showing grain being discharged at the quayside. It formed part of the article on The Milling of Flour.

The Cover

The cover this week shows the colossal Statue of Liberty at New York. Composed three-fifths of iron and two-fifths of copper, the statue weighs 100 tons. An enormous concrete monolith was built to act as a foundation for the pedestal on which the figure stands.

An article on Building the Statue of Liberty appears in this part.

Contents of Part 29

Tunnels Under Glasgow

(Part 2)

Grain From Overseas

(colour plate)

GRAIN FROM OVERSEAS for the flour mills of Great Britain is discharged at the quayside by pneumatic elevators which may be fixed or may be run on rails along the quay. Vacuum pumps in the elevators suck the grain from the ship’s hold through pipes to a large tank known as a receiver. This has a dust extractor fitted. The grain is then stored in silos until it is required for milling.

Contents of Part 29

The Milling of Flour

Building the Statue of Liberty

Herbert Akroyd Stuart

Amusements and the Engineer

A Canal Through a Mountain

(Part 1)

The statue of libertyGrain From Overseas